Policies, Procedures, Fees, and Etiquettes.

PLEASE NOTE: It is because of our special relationship and Agreement with our Partner Properties (PARTNERS) and our Affiliates that we are able to offer you, our clients, this opportunity to rebuild new, good rental history. Thousands have successfully rebuilt their rental history before you, and our desire is that thousands more will be afforded the opportunity after you. The determining factor is to respect the second chance we, our PARTNERS, and our Affiliates are providing you. 
Thank You, Done Deal Cosign (DDC) – Home of Your Second Chance

 In the spirit of providing our second chance service to you and our future clients, and to clearly communicate what you can expect from DDC and what DDC expects from our clients, please initial that you understand and agree to all the following.


If you have any concerns with either Done Deal or our PARTNERS, our Resident Specialist can be reached at 713-344-0962.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact the Counselor who sent you this Agreement.

Thank you again for considering those who will be needing a second chance in the future, whenever you
communicate with the PARTNER providing you your second chance.

DONE DEAL! Cosign…