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We help people with bad credit, evictions, or broken leases find housing.

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We believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

That's why we help people with bad credit, evictions, or broken leases find housing. 

  • Bad Credit or Past Evictions, no problem.
  • Broken Leases, no problem.
  • Connect with 2nd-Chance Landlords.

As a Houstonian, I'm incredibly grateful for Done Deal Cosign. I had hit a rough patch in my life and my credit took a major hit. As a result, I was struggling to find a place to live that I could afford. I felt like I was being punished for past mistakes, and I was starting to lose hope.

That's when I found Done Deal Cosign. They worked with me every step of the way, from understanding my situation to finding me a landlord who was willing to give me a second chance. They even helped me with my security deposit and rent, which was a huge relief.

Jenny Martins

We connect you with the right landlords

Done Deal Cosign is a beacon of hope for individuals facing the daunting challenge of finding stable housing amidst past financial setbacks or rental mishaps. We understand that life can throw unexpected curveballs, and we are here to bridge the gap between past troubles and a brighter future.

It all begins with a simple application process.

For Housing, Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

Through our extensive network of Partner Properties, we connect individuals with landlords who recognize the potential in second chances. These compassionate property owners are willing to look beyond credit scores or past mistakes, giving individuals the opportunity to prove their resilience and rebuild their lives.

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Why Done Deal Cosign Works

2nd Chance Landlords

We don't just connect you with a place to live; we empower you to take control of your financial future. Our partner properties are focused on providing housing specific for people needing a 2nd chance.

breaking Cycles

Our mission is not just to provide housing; it's to transform lives. We are committed to helping individuals break free from the cycle of homelessness and create a foundation for success. Our countless Success Stories serve as a testament to our unwavering belief in the power of second chances.

Hope for the Future

With Done Deal Cosign, you are not just finding a place to live; you are finding a path to a brighter tomorrow. We are here to extend a helping hand, provide unwavering support, and empower you to create a future filled with hope and possibilities.

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We have helped thousands of people find housing and turn their lives around.